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Hassle-free Monetisation

Backed by Planet Sport’s 25+ years of publishing and advertising expertise, Monetise Hub enables publishers of all shapes and sizes to lucratively monetise their content with a hassle-free and flexible solution.

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We work with the most well-respected, innovative tech platforms in the industry. We rigorously test everything, so you don’t need to.

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Revenue Operations

Benefit from Monetise Hub’s in-house team of Ad Ops and revenue generation experts who fully manage all aspects of monetisation and ad delivery for your site.

We foster close client partnerships to ensure smooth operation of the ad stack and establish hassle-free processes to implement new elements.

Header Bidding + A.I Driven Yield Optimisation

Improve your ad yield and create greater placement competition with a bespoke header bidding set up. Drive premium eCPM’s with Monetise Hub’s machine learning automated pricing..
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Display/Video/Native Placements

Be truly flexible with your brand’s ad placements with a strong variety of positioning and technologies..

Inventory Curation and Marketplaces

Increase the value of ad deals and generate more revenue by moving from the open market to high-value private marketplaces and direct buys.

Ad Inventory

Direct Sales & Branded Content

Leverage Monetise Hub’s longstanding relationships to access higher value brand and sponsorship campaigns. 
Branded Content

GDPR, Privacy & Consent Management

Ensure your brand is fully GDPR, privacy and consent compliant with Monetise Hub’s owned and operated consent management platform.


Site Speed UX & Placement Optimisation

Optimise performance of ads through our managed integration process. We assess the best mix of placements, so you can be confident your set-up is working at its best.


Understand Performance

Our live reporting hub gives you access to all demand streams with day-by-day stats on volumes and yields from all demand partners.


Cyber Security

Guarantee your site’s safety with full protection from cyber-attacks via malicious advertising placements.

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Optimise Engagement with AI Content Curation

Leverage Monetise Hub’s longstanding relationships to access higher value brand and sponsorship campaigns. 
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